Born in Chile, South America in 1987, Daniela Andrea Lourdes Casetti Bowen relocated to South Africa in 2006 as a student. While education was the main reason behind her move, her relocation was very much part of a healing process following a personal tragedy. Daniela lost her dad at the tender age of 15. Three years later she lost her mother. In her debut album, Thanks To Life, Daniela collaborated with several South African artists, most notably Bonginkosi Dlamini of the Zola 7 fame as well as afro pop outfit Kaya. She drew her musical inspiration from her artistic family. Daniela‚Äôs late mother, Junnette Bowen was a renowned Chilean model while her uncle, Javier Casetti, is a prominent Argentinean musician and magician. Her first album reflects the pain of losing the people who brought her to this world, her journey from South America to Africa as well as her take on the sensitive politics of race. Other songs aim to promote a culture of positivity, especially among young people who want to make their dreams come true. The album comprises several musical influences such as South African house, South American Dance, American RnB and Hip Hop. Daniela fuses English and Spanish in her lyrics, while featured artists bring their native languages such as Zulu and Sotho.




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